Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I sell my board, or contact someone selling a board?

  • Selling your board on is free, all you need to do is create an account and sign in. After signing in you will be able to list your board for sale, start chatting with other surfers and share boards to your Facebook/Twitter accounts for others to see.

    What are the Minimum required details needed to sell my board?

  • Price.
  • Board length.
  • One image minimum.
  • Short description about the boards current condition.

    How can I find the board im looking for?

  • When visiting you have heaps of ways for searching all boards for sale. You can use the filters or search by the following.
  • Board length - e.g. 6ft2
  • Board price - e.g. 300
  • Board make - e.g. shotgun
  • Board year of make - e.g. 2016

    Why does shortboardau request my location, when viewing the weather forecast?

  • Your current location is requested and used to get the gps coordinates of the device you are using. These coordinates will then be used to find the closest weather station in your area, providing the most relavant and up to date current weather and weather forecast.

    Can I add shoartboardau as an app on my phone?

  • Yes adding the app on your phone is easy, just check the images below, after adding the app to your phone, you will be able to find the app on your phone, no more searching online for your next surfboard, just open the app!
  • Chrome browser for mobile
    Firefox browser for mobile
    Safari browser for mobile

    How can I contact shortboardau?

  • or Facebook. The Email and Facebook link is available in the footer, at the bottom of the page. Feel free to contact us with any questions, issues, feedback or advertising inquiries.